Tiny Collectibles

Fine Collectible Miniatures from Around the World!

Thank you for your interest in Tiny Collectibles!

We source handcrafted miniature  collectibles from around the world.

Our talent network consist of some of the worlds most skilled artisans, specifically with a talent for handcrafting miniature artifacts. 


We can offer some of the most creative miniature artwork which replicates full scale and sized pieces.


When starting a craft or work, our artist hand design each collectible piece on an individual basis.


Some of our artist have honed their skills for many years. Their innovation reflects in their work with each detail.

Fine Porcelain Art!

We receive multiple request for collectible miniature teapots. We work with the best hand craft artisans who specialize in miniature reproductions. Each detail down to the final golden inlay and brush stroke is pain stakenly applied creating a remarkable work of art!

Handmade Clippers!

Made of teak wood, cotton sails, and hemp ropes, our ship reproductions are a cut above! One of our most luxurious request have been for hand made naval reproductions. We have over 3 experienced artist who work full time painstakingly reproducing ships and ocean liners piece by piece.

And So Much More!

Experience the magic of a perfectly crafted and ready to display Tiny Collectibles today!

Whatever miniature artwork you seek, we can help source and import it worldwide. We have expert connections and experience trading exclusively in the miniature collectible craft.  Contact us for your needs.